Another Great Event to Try - The Pro Am

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I often get asked what alternative events people play to spice things up over the long season.  Well one that we use that has been a fantastic event for player recruiting is the Pro-AM.  Read on to learn about what we do in our Pro-Am and how you can use this format to recruit members for your growing TGR tour.

My league has been playing a Pro-Am for over 10 years.  It's one of the central events on our tour calendar.  Now that our tour has grown to over 50 players it takes some real planning to pull off, but for most of you just growing yours its just a few consecutive tee times and a plan for food and beverage during and after the round and you are off!

Our Pro-Am format goes like this; We simply pick a handicap index dividing line and create 2-man teams of high and low handicappers. In our case the Mason-Dixon line is 20.  Anyone under a 20 handicap index is considered a Pro and must be paired with a handicapper above 20 in order to be eligible to win this (semi) prestigious event.  Then we play a 2 man scramble with very few added rules.  One is that you must take one Am shot on every hole (even if a Pro gets a hole in one... I know nuts right???) and another is that you must take at least one Am's drive on each nine. 

We have had such fun doing this for a few reasons.  First, you take an event off from the man vs. course stroke play format we normally play and introduce some interesting strategy to the round. Who hits first? Which place on the green is better to putt from? Etc...  Second, it's alot of fun not having to figure out what to do about that drive that went 20 yards deep in the woods or what its doing to your net round.  Forget about it and play your partner's ball.  Finaly, scores are pretty low.  Double is a horrible score in this event and you find that with a partner you make alot more pars and the occassional birdie or even, (gasp) an eagle! 

The best part of this event though is if you invite guests its a great way to get more players interested in your tour and the other members.  The golfing freinds of friends that come along generally have a great time and can sell the idea of joining your group.  You know what I always say, more members means more opportunities to play every event, so the more the merrier (provided you all get along out there!).

So consider playing a Pro-Am style event this season.  Its an absolute blast to play in, adds to the experience of your tour and is a great recruiting tool.

Let me know what you think about this below, and enjoy!


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