The Tour Golf Revolution™ Playing Format and Scheduling System

The key to what makes TGR different is in our new playing format and self scheduling tools:

Regular Events

During Regular events golfers can play the designated course on the schedule at any day/time during the event and as many times as they want.  You can set your events up to last anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks. For a score to count, a player must play with at least one other league member. This is to keep everyone honest. Each event the best scores posted by each player are tallied and a tour event winner is crowned and points awarded based on your tour's particular setting (default is 4 for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd, and 1 just for playing - called the show point). TGR will keep track of each player's tour victories, podiums (finishing 1st - 3rd in an event), and key playing statistics over the course of the year and their playing career.  Each Player has a profile page where they and their fellow members can see how their game is progressing.

Major Events

League managers can also add Major Events.  A Major Event is where all league members play the same course on the same day. These events build the camaraderie and cohesiveness all good golf leagues need. During these events most league managers give out more points (default: 8 for 1st, 6 for 2nd and so on) as a reward for playing in them and to give them tournament level importance. Playing well in these events is often the key to winning the season championship.  League managers can opt not to have major events on thier tour, but we find having at least a few of them brings members closer together.

Show Points

League managers can also opt to allow for Show Points.  Here is how they work: Can't play the designated course this week? No problem. Just get another league member to hit the links someplace else with you and be awarded a show point for your efforts. You want players to play together as often as possible so we recommend you reward them with a show point.

Flexible Scheduling Members Manage on Thier Own

The biggest complaint we hear from traditional golf league managers is the time it takes to set up their tee sheets. Deciding who plays with whom and when is a headache.  Each event in a TGR tour has its own tee sheet.  Members obtain tee times just like would for any round of golf and then place that tee time on the event tee sheet.  Your other members when visiting the tee sheet can see where there are tee time openings and can self sign up if space is available or add a tee time of thier own.  League managers need not get involved at all with this process unless they want to have some control over it. 

Designed to bring public golfers with different work/life schedules together, the TGR format makes it easy for people who love golf, and want more competition to get more and more of both every year!