Here is What Some of Our Members Are Saying about Tour Golf Revolution

Scott L, Lawrenceville, NJ

When friends of mine find out that I'm in a golf league, they are usually surprised. I typically hear something like "I didn't realize you were such a good golfer." Well I'm not, at a 35.8 handicap, I'm nearly at the USGA max, and certainly not the type of person who would normally be involved in a golf league. But that's precisely the point of TGR. The league applies handicaps to match play as well as tour events, so I can realistically compete with and sometimes beat much better golfers which challenges me to play my best game. Because it's more fun to compete 'on tour', I've gone from golfing once or twice a year before TGR, to nearly 20 times this past season. I've also become committed to improving my game by taking monthly lessons for the first time in my life and have dropped my average score from around 130 to 110.

Lance M, Allentown, NJ

Tour Golf Revolution provides an ideal network for me to maximize my enjoyment of golf. Each week, it's easy to get a game with a day and tee time that fits my schedule. The match play and weekly cup points get the competitive juices flowing without too much intensity. We play at some of the best local public courses that offer variety and different types of challenges.

As my game has improved over the last few years, I have gotten so much more pleasure out of the sport. I enjoy the social nature and camaraderie of the group as well. Thanks to various electronic communication tools, I can easily keep track of the weekly results and notable achievements, as well as some humorous lowlights, on and off the links.

John R, Montgomery, NJ

In some ways Tour Golf Revolution changed my attitude in life. Even though I have been coaching youth sports for years, I've really missed regular competition ever since my college years ended. I played organized sports off and on but things like basketball and softball did not do it for me. I played golf but it was not really competitive. Eventually, I found myself with no hobby or time for me and my coaching practices and games were a JOB.

TGR came along after I stopped coaching for a bit. I have never had a more enjoyable spring, summer and fall then I did last year. I felt like it was little league all over again. Learning new rules, making new friends, and competing, but at the end of the day it was just A GAME! No high stakes, just some bragging rights! And the friends I have made who love golf like I do have been fantastic. I also got 7 new logo balls this spring (I collect them from every new course I play!).

So really, THANK YOU! I will always remember at 7am on my birthday (a Thursday too), I shot my lowest round of my life, and it was on Tour!