The Season Approaches, Part 1: What's In That Golf Bag Anyway?

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As the golf (and league) season approaches in many parts of the country we are offering up some thoughts on how to prepare yourself and your game after a VERY long offseason in some places.

What's in that golf bag anyway?
What's in that golf bag anyway?

As the season approaches for my tour, one of our members posts some advice to prepare our members for the season. This post he wrote about getting bag and equipment ready was one of my favorites because for many of us, the golf bag becomes the place where all manner of stuff gets lost at the end of a round only to be found much much later.  I do this sometimes just to see what I will find.  So, start off the 2015 season fresh and take these steps before you even hit the driving range this week:

Find an area in your garage or basement and empty and organize that GOLF BAG:

A. Take everything out of your bag. Flip bag upside down and shake out loose tees, change, balls, etc. Maybe you will find that lucky ball marker when you shot your best round ever. 
B. Clean and then organize the pockets.Tees in one pocket, balls in another, lighter and bottle opener in the next and so on. You will be organized and bag will be lighter, and truth be told you never know when you might have to build a fire in the woods after a ball search gone bad. 
C. Next check all of your golf clubs. Gently wipe the grips down, make sure they are still in good shape. Then clean your clubs with soap and water. Get in those grooves with a tee, tooth pick or wire brush 
D. Wash your golf towel(s) so it's ready for the start of what could be a wet, muddy season
E. Clean your shoes with some windex or fantastic, and check your cleats as you may be surprised to find many need changing.
F. Okay- now look at your clubs. If that 2 iron has not been hit in 2 seasons, it's dead to you. Get credit at a golf retailer, sell it on line, donate it to the First Tee (its tax deductible too).  Then figure out what that new 14th club should be, new hybrid, gap wedge, or lob wedge may be great options.

Finally, make sure you have your clubs labeled with your name and phone number. Have a bag tag too. Doing all this is like driving a clean car. You should feel good and hopefully that positive feeling will continue on the course.

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