Why We Changed The Basic Format of The Golf League?

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I have been asked many times why we chose to alter the basic format of a golf league.  The answer is simple, "so more people can experience league golf".

I have been asked many times why we chose to alter the basic format of a golf league.  Today, I give you the answer.  It’s simply so that more people can play league golf!  The playing format at Tour Golf Revolution was invented by the league I’ve played in for the last 8 years and it is the key to me and my friends “finding the time” to play golf almost every week.  The secret is in its flexibility.  We like to say “It’s So Flexible Anyone Can Play League Golf”.

The problem I see with many golf leagues is the fixed schedule.  You have to commit to a certain number of weeks and always on the same date and time. This format might be great for 9 holers, retired golfers, or the self-employed, but for years it kept me from playing in any golf league.  Most of the guys I played with saw it the same way.  Our schedules were hectic and never the same from week to week.  So we never felt we could commit to a structured golf league like you see at most every course across the country. This was the inspiration for the invention of the Tour Golf Revolution format and it has changed my golfing life forever.  Now I compete on my schedule most weeks without giving up the competition feel of more structured golf leagues

Our golf events generally occur over the course of a week at a designated golf course. Just play any day and time you want with at least one other league member and your score counts.  If you can only play Thursday at 7:00am or Friday at 3:00pm no worries, you can still play this week in our leagues. The challenge for a league like this is making sure people know who has tee times and what openings are in them.  To meet this challenge we created the TGR tee sheet.

Each TGR league has its own interactive tee sheet for each of its events.  Whenever someone wants to play, they just secure a tee time at the designated course and then post it to the tee sheet.  The other golfers will then see who has reservations and when those are and can decide to take one of the open spots or get their own time and post it.  All you need is one other member to agree to go out at the same time and your score counts.  Because of this playing format, I have played more golf in the past year than I have in my entire life.  

Many golfers wonder if they will feel like they are part of a group when playing in this way.  I have heard it all, from “how can you build relationships if you are all playing on different days?” and “will I really make new friends when I can only play during the week?” It may surprise you to hear that the guys in our league are closer than most golf leagues. We set up our own tee times which allows us to play with whomever we choose each week.  Also, once a month we have a Classic event.  A Classic requires everybody in the league to play on the same course on the same day.  These are our true tournaments and are the glue that binds the league together because we all get together to golf and hangout on the 19th hole.  We give them double points to ensure that our members plan for them and are motivated to come.  As a result our turnout is great, and Classics have become some of the best times on tour.   You can schedule as many or as few of them as you want each season.

At Tour Golf Revolution we’ve made it our mission to help all golfers without a competitive outlet in golf to be able to create one for themselves and their friends. Our service makes managing and playing organized golf as easy and painless as possible. Many golfers who have joined a TGR tour have found that they have doubled or tripled their rounds played as a result of this open format of golf. Even if you don’t think you know enough golfers to get a league going, I urge you to give it a shot.  In the end, you’ll be glad you did.

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